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Frank Porcelli IV

Frank Porcelli is a driving force behind the philosophy of Visualize Tattoo. Frank Porcelli is one of the most humble tattoo artists you will ever meet, his passion and dedication to the craft is unparalleled. If you want beautiful lines, seemless gradients, or just a perfectly executed tattoo, then he is your man. Frank is well educated in the history of tattooing and is has become established in tattooing culture. While traditional tattooing is his foundation, he is well versed in many styles and is masterful when designing custom lettering.

As the owner of Porcelli Machine Company, he personally hand builds tattoo machines for himself (and the other artists in the shop) to exacting specifications, with the best materials, right here in Tacoma, Washington. 

Tattoo Machines by Frank Porcelli

One look at Frank’s tattoo work and the care, precision, and focus that he puts into every piece is obvious. He creates vibrant, expertly applied tattoos which stand the test of time. This is accomplished in part by the connection and awareness he has with his equipment, made possible by personally machining and building each piece himself, by hand, to precision specifications. Whether you are a tattoo artist or not, the craftsmanship, beauty, and enduring quality of his tattoo machines is undeniable. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of Franks tattoo machines, the best way to contact him is directly via Instagram @porcellimachinecompany or to email him at 

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